Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last weekend of summer!

I slept over Kailani and Katrina's Friday night, woke up on Saturday, got stuff ready for Sunday (which was Eid) and spent Sunday with family.

Though I didn't get to have a wildly crazy summer, I was pretty productive, I left the house a lot and had some good experiences. I got to intern at a place where I could experience some of what my possible career would be, I realized how much I've grown since 9th grade and how much more willing I am to step up. I met with my KC officers and Journalism peeps. I truly realized how much I grew during this summer--if someone told me at any point in middle school I'd be president of a club or editor-in-chief of an entire publication, I would have laughed in their faces and told them they didn't know me.

I am determined to make senior year the best year in high school, both academically and socially. I am excited to expand and improve my clubs. I am not ready to have started with colleges, but I'm taking baby steps. This summer was a pretty good one. I traveled a little, I stayed productive and I got some R&R after the chaos that was junior year.

A really nice quote I got from the president of Questbridge to end off my summer and to the beginning of senior year (as well as the rest of my life!):
"If you don't trip a few times, you're not running hard enough." -Michael McCullough

Goodbye summer 2012, hello senior year! (D:)

Cake we baked at Katrina's birthday :)
Sunday morning :)
How it turned out x)
They took a picture with me x)

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