Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A summer of delicious food!

Because summer isn't summer without plenty of good meals and desserts so I made a giant post about all of the delicious things I got to eat x)

(Also I realize that this makes me look like a total fatty but I exercised and walked ten millions miles around FIU's campus! And some of it's homemade so I had to brag a LITTLE)
Apparently movie theaters have curly fries now...
Because my family has always gotten the Hershey's Pies from Burger King and now we could buy an ENTIRE freaking pie for ourselves
Legitimate hummus from our Jordan-ese neighbors!
IHOP at odd times of the night :)
Free slurpies on 7/11!
Jordan-ese rice, chicken and beef during Ramadan!
The most delicious potato soup known to man
AMAZING homemade chocolate chip cheesecake!
Homemade fruit tart!
Delicious Panera mac and cheese :)
Ramune soda!
Pancakes at odd times of the day...
Lots of cheesy pasta x)
I felt very American
Our demolished breakfast that I probably should have taken a before picture of...but it was homemade "jam", pancakes and eggs. We were teaching Suzanne how to cook!
Ice cream :D

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