Saturday, August 11, 2012

What my day yesterday and today have consisted of:

Death threats from VS teachers = lots of work submitted
AP lit summer work and the Olympics!
So I took a break from all the work, and went to the beach in the evening. We have a tradition of going to the beach near sunset, waiting till it gets pretty dark, then we leave and go eat at IHOP or Panera because both are on the way back from the beach. I've never actually seen a sea turtle nest at a beach in Miami so this was really exciting for me. Last summer, I wanted to do a program called Sea Turtle Oversight Protection which basically makes sure that when the turtles hatch at night, they get to the beach but my mom said no because it was from 8 to midnight and she didn't want me going alone. .-. Regardless, this was a really cool thing for me to see, but seeing the hotels and apartments not even 20 feet away made me hope desperately that the babies would make it to water and not the roads.
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