Sunday, August 5, 2012

Suzanne's farewell

In the first week of summer, my best friends and I parted ways. It sounds really dramatic and it kind of was. For the first time in 5/6 years, we wouldn't be able to spend summer together or hang out or be weird together or stay up till 5 talking on the phone. It felt very Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-y.

Right after our last AICE exam on June 11th, Suzanne left to Virginia for her NASA program on Wednesday for the ENTIRE summer (she comes back August 11th, only 6 days to go!!).

I left for NJ/NY on Thursday so I was a little too excited to be properly realize. When Kailani left towards the end of June and Alyssa and I became pretty busy with actually being productive, I realized how much it sucked and also how much I'll miss them for college.

2 out of 4 at a racing track for Alyssa's birthday
The 5 of us! (and a new boyfriend)
Just like old times (also this is Suzanne's super fancy neighborhood)
She's probably the weirdest
The official last time all of us were together (featuring very sleepy and very sad teenage girls)

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